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Alina Usmanova (RÚSSIA): Colisium International Music Conference & Moscow Music Week Showcase Festival, head of PR and partnership.
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English, Russian

Alina Usmanova

Previously experienced in TV production and PR services for sports, gastronomy and luxury segment clients, Alina started her way in the music industry as a band manager and music video producer and then slightly switched to PR and events production in music, as well as project management for bi international events. She is currently the head of PR and partnership collaborations of Colisium international music conference and Moscow Music Week showcase festival (MMW), held in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnoyarsk (Russia), as well as in Minsk (Belarus) and Kiev (Ukraine). MMW showcase festival opens doors for foreign bands to promote their music in the Russian market, as well as helps Russian bands to get to international festivals, and music experts can share their knowledge through the network that is brought together by Colisium conference.
Alina also works as the producer of Anglophone music festival for English-language bands from Russia and the music producer for big sport events (helicopter championships, charity marathons, soccer games, extreme sports shows, etc.), as well as participates in the line-up building for numerous events and manages several indie bands, organizing their gigs both in Russia and abroad. Inspired by the idea of music export, Alina became the partner of Music Development Russia company focused on Russian bands’ promotion abroad.
Moscow where Alina is originally coming from is a pulsing city full of music of all genres, interested in building strong bonds between bands, venues, showcase festivals all over the world to help artists to export their music and get wider outreach.

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